Tiger from the collection


The tiger museum has 200 pieces and is growing. A great deal of the collection consists of tiger artefacts which show an amazing variety of form, colour, expression and technique. They range in scale from tiny bronze castings (heads and sculptures) to a three metre long tiger used in the Bridgwater Carnival in Somerset, U.K. The collection shows the creative diversity of a single subject matter.

In january 2011 I went to Antigua which is the old capital of Guatemala and I had one or two memorable adventures in the busy and heady markets of this city and towns nearby. Guatemalans wear colourful hand made clothing which they wear for themselves and not for tourists and these garments are individual to different villages. There were some very hot days and outside of gleaming white cathedrals on steep steps there were a hundreds of people gathered enveloped in huge clouds of swirling incense. In these daily markets I saw fruits and vegetables which were completely new to me. There was also the hustle and bustle of art and craft markets where we were assailed on all sides by traders. It was in these markets that I began to discover masks and sculptures completely different from neighbouring Mexico. The most exciting find were the Dancing Tiger men sculptures - a wonderful surprise and an unique addition to this Tiger Museum.

Commissioned tiger sculpture by David Cox.

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Mexican puppets relating to tiger dances and rituals. Read on »

Sculpture of Tippoo’s tiger based on the Automaton in the V&A museum, which moves and makes sounds. Read on »